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A simple and straightforward manual for…


...learning to create and care for your own herb garden.

...discovering how to harvest and preserve cultivated or wild herbs.

...utilizing herbs for cooking, household, beauty & health.

...discerning spiritual pitfalls of anti-Christian Herbalism.

...learning safety measures to avoid common, dangerous mistakes.


What can we learn from the pages of Scripture about medicine in biblical times? Does God really reveal how to use His creation for healthcare? Christian researcher Meg Grimm separates the truth from the myths in this three-part study.

  • The true story of the plants found in the Bible - a look at Bible botany.

  • An exploration of the medical practices found in the Bible and Talmud.

  • The role of oil in the Bible, and the truth about today’s essential oils.

Trinity Church Tales to Remember Cover.jpg

A collection of historical stories and legends come together to tell the tale of Trinity United Presbyterian Church in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

The semi-gothic church building has been a wonder to locals and visitors alike for over a century. When was it built? What are its secrets?

As you learn about the structure from its tower tops to acclaimed interior, decide for yourself what you believe about the riveting accounts of bygone days from a region so rich in American history.  

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The world is as full of healthcare information as it is full of people searching for it. As Christians, what is true often means what God’s Word says. But does God really reveal in the Bible the best solutions for healthcare? This booklet contains four studies of the most prevailing healthcare topics today.

  • God’s Diet Plan: Everything the Bible Says and Doesn’t Say About Eating

  • The Picture of Health as Seen in the Bible

  • Stewardship of God’s Creation: Where Should My Food Come From?

  • When Natural Health is Not God’s Way: Dangers of Complementary & Alternative Healthcare

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What are demons? What are their abilities in the lives of believers and unbelievers? How active are demons today? How do I recognize spiritual attack? How do I fight back? If you have ever pondered these questions, this little book is for you.

Journey into one of the most taboo subjects in the Christian Church today but one that continues to attract the curious. Originally written as a guidebook for her family and church family, Meg Grimm shares her conclusions about demons in the spirit realm with biblical principals for spiritual battle. ​

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