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Meg Grimm

Hello and God bless you! I am an evangelical Christian, multi-genre author and independent researcher-of-the-past. I write and publish studies and other nonfiction works from a biblical perspective, as well as fiction that inspires lovers of folklore, fairy tales and history. My blog about how to live like fairy tales are for real focuses on living out Kingdom life in this natural realm while incorporating a fun, simplified, rustic lifestyle.

Growing up, my childhood was filled with books and imagination. My mother's creativity helped foster my own. I once told her that my favorite color was white because I could make it into anything I wanted. I often dreamt up stories and scenarios that I would play out with my younger siblings. 


From my father, I inherited a love for history. As an adult, I have especially enjoyed studying the origins of the fairy tales and folk stories that I loved so much as a child. The customs and stories of the past teach us about ourselves, where we came from, and the wisdom - or sometimes not so much - of our ancestors.​

My avocations include Bible study, peasant cooking, and collecting folklore stories for retelling. I reside in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania with my husband Max and our son Ari. I serve in ministry at the Journey Church.

My studies and blog on what the Bible reveals about health and beauty can be found at Castle Gardens Hope & Soap Company, at

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