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The Rescue

by Meg Grimm, the Story Spinner

The little girl loved to swim in the river. The sun had kissed no skin more than hers the summer she met the faerie by the swimming hole.

He was no bigger than her shoe. His wings seemed made of gossamer webs, and they sparkled as dew drops. His hair was the color of red autumn leaves, and he had the most handsome face she had ever seen.

The faerie did not notice her approach. She had spent so much time in that place that she was becoming part of it herself. When he did look up into the eyes of the child, he was so startled that he fainted there on the flat rock beside the water.

“Oh dear,” thought the little girl. The water would soon rise.

She took the faerie to a safe distance away and laid him beneath a patch of wildflowers. She covered him with the first autumn leaves that had fallen to the ground so that no one would see him.

When he later awoke, the little girl was gone. The faerie was so grateful to his rescuer that he vowed to always watch over her.

Over the years, the little girl grew and became even more part of the beautiful land. The wind was always in her hair. The water glistened from her skin. The sunlight lit her eyes.

One day, when the little girl was a woman, she came upon the swimming hole early in the morning. There, she saw a man standing on the flat rock by the water. He turned and smiled. She recognized him as the faerie that she had saved those years ago, but now, he was her same size. Or rather, she was suddenly his size. At last, she felt the flutter of her own gossamer wings, and the pair lived happily ever after.

The End.

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Image by RondellMelling from Pixabay.

Copyright by the author Meg Grimm.

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